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Bunker Services to nominated vessels is very much at the heart of our business activities. Over the years, our services have been directed towards Nigeria and West Africa where we have been particularly successful.

We offer the following services promptly and professionally:

STS Operation –
(Ship to Ship Operation)

Cargo Ship in AfricaA Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer Operation is the transfer of cargo between seagoing ships positioned alongside each other, either while stationary or underway. Cargoes typically transferred via STS methods include; Crude Oil, Liquified Natural Gas (LPG or LNG), Bulk Cargo and Petroleum products.

These Operations are carried out in accordance with guideline set out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) with the strictest adherence to safety regulations.

Our vessel is well equipped with all the required standard facilities for STS Operations:

  1. Reasonably good holding ground with tidal stream less than 2.5 knots and sheltered
  2. Reasonably safe distance away from navigational hazards nearest coast and shallow patches
  3. Sufficient well Supported Traffic Separation Scheme, Inshore Traffic, VTIS Traffic Control, Navigational Aids
  4. Good shore Infrastructures, Logistics Needs and Support.

Apapa and Tin-Can Island Bunkers

We arrange bunkers at both the Apapa and Tin-Can Island ports and are able to meet the special needs of our customers in an efficient, proficient and friendly manner.
Macchalis International keeps abreast of developments with the use of modern technology, while keeping personal contact with customers. This is considered to be one of the company’s bench-marks for its success.  Sophisticated in-house computer systems add value to the work plan, providing accuracy and quick access to necessary information.

Ship Chandling

Macchalis International offers quality ship Management and Chandling services, with competent professionals in:

  • Refrigeration mechanics
  • Motor Rewinding, Fabrication & Manufacturing
  • Marine engineers
  • Grit & water blasters
  • Electronics technicians
  • Deck & Crane Repair
  • Welders & Electricians
  • Tank cleaners
  • Compass adjusters
  • Chippers / Painters & Cleaners
  • Net makers
  • Underwater Repair (with diving team)

Oil and Gas Trading

Macchalis International procures and trades a broad range of petroleum products throughout Nigeria and West Africa. Our range of petroleum products includes Gasoline, DPK, Diesel, Low/High Pour Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Based Oil and Bitumen.

Over the years our company has developed a reputation for quality and reliability. Our delivery record and operational performance are unparalleled. This has resulted in an extensive network of customers and suppliers worldwide.

Gas Refill / Exchange Basis

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Acetylene
  • Freon R 22 Portable & std Bottle

Marine Lubricant

Macchalis efficiently supplies bunkers and stocks a  full range of marine fuel and marine lubricants at a very competitive rate. We have a strong commitment to customer service.